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1MTB1 Online Shop

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Everything we sell, we use ourselves, so can 100% recommend them, or we would not sell them to you!

All items listed are suitalbe for MBLA Trainining Courses and Assessments, some kit is needed for MBLA Trail Cycle Leader and some MBLA Mountain Bike Leader, if you have any questions, please get in touch.

Love SwimRun Llanberis

T4 Trauma Dressing Pad with Elasticated Bandage


This very popular T4 trauma wound dressing is designed to treat every possible bleeding wound. The dressings are sterile, non-adherent are easily wrapped and secured.

  • 10 x 18cm pad with a 10cm x 2m elasticated bandage
  • Trauma dressing with heavy duty bandage
  • Double bagged packaging for extra protection
  • Inner bag is vacuum packed to reduce storage space
  • Provides immediate direct pressure to the wound
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Absorbent high quality dressing pad
  • Securing clip, no need for safety pins or tape
  • Single use
  • Sterile
  • Supplied in an easy to open waterproof poly bag

£5 (Collection Only)

Cateye Stealth 10 - GPS Enabled Cycle Computer

  • Mount it on your bike and go, the Stealth 10 is set-up free

    Cateye Stealth 10 GPS Bike Computer

  • Uses GPS technology to calculate your position quickly
  • Track speed, distance, elapsed time and record up to 60 hours of data
  • Upload and share via web-based training sites, such as CatEyeAtlas.com, Strava and TrainingPeaks
  • Features include a full-time backlight, auto-stop/start and programmable odometer
  • Waterproof, USB rechargeable and can be used on multiple bikes, so you’ll always be ready to ride!

£80 (free P&P)

Bike Computer - Blackburn Atom SL

A great computer which is easy to use, clear, reliable and easy to fit. We use them, what more can we say!

12 Functions:

Blackburn Atom SL

  • Current speed
  • Average speed
  • Maximum speed
  • Speed tendency
  • Speed comparator
  • Trip distance
  • Odometer
  • Trip timer
  • Digital clock
  • Auto scan
  • Auto power ON/OFF
  • Km/Mile Selectable

£20 + £2 P&P £18 FREE P&P

Silva Ranger 3 Compass


Silva Ranger 3 Compass OUT OF STOCK

We like these because they are small, easy to use, clear and are acurate.

  • Patented red/black north/south lines in the capsule for quick and correct course setting
  • Built in magnifier for detailed map reading
  • Luminous stripe on the needle for poor light conditions
  • Scale for getting distance off both 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 maps

£18 inc P&P


Emergency Whistle OUT OF STOCK

  • Simple design
  • Lightweight
  • Very loud!!

£3 + 50p P&P

Emergency Whistle


Emergency Group Shelter (Bothy) by LifesystemsLifesystems Group Shelter (Bothy)

4 person with backpacks, 6 with no backpack

  • Tough PU coated waterproof fabric
  • 2000m hydrostatic head and fully taped seams
  • Lightweight design with a window and air-vent
  • Reflective top strips for increased visibility
  • Integral stuff sack with draw cord closure
  • Waterproof seated panels

4-6 person £35 collected or £38 inc P&P Special price £30 inc P&P


Emergency Group Shelter (Bothy)

This is the most important bit of kit a leader must carry, it's to keep you and your group together and warm in case of an emergency, until help arrives.

Group/Bothy Shelter

  • lightweight & compact
  • Exceptional value for money (compare our prices to Cotswold Outdoors)
  • British made with a life time structural guarantee
  • Window
  • Air vents
  • Walking pole loops
  • Base draw cord
  • Stuff bag
  • Larger sizes available - please get in touch

2 Person - £25 collected or £28 inc P&P

4 Person (weight 462 grams) £32 collected or £35.50 inc P&P

6-8 Person (weight 646 grams) £36 collected or £39.75 inc P&P

10 Person (weight 818 grams) £43 collected or £47.50 inc P&P

Emergency Group Shelter (Bothy)

One of our shelters in action on an expedition

to climb Mt Huntingdon, Alaska


Trail Cycle Leader Core Skills Teaching Cards - SOLD OUT

  • 10 Cards in the set
  • Clear Pictures with key areas highlighted
  • Tips on how to teach the skills
  • Information on how to run activities to teach the skills
  • Weather proof
  • Handy Size to fit into your pocket

£7.50 inc P&P



SRAM Powerlink (Quick Link for joining chains)

These will join all makes of chain in next to no time, available for 7/8 speed and 9 speed chains

SRAM Powerlink

£1.50 + 50p P&P

Collect or Post Out
For which size chain?

Multitool - Giant Tool Shed 11

Giant Tool Shed 11

We have been using these for many years and found them easy to use, compact and very good value for money, this tool features:

  • Allen keys - All the sizes you need.
  • Screw drivers, flat and cross head.
  • Torx drive (T25) for disc rotors.
  • Chain tool with 2nd position for freeing stiff links

£16 to collect or £17.75 inc P&P

Giant Tool Shed 11


Pump - Blackburn Mountain Air

Blackburn Pump

We use these pumps because they are the most efficient pump (gets the tube inflated fast) for the weight and size.

  • Hard wearing aluminium barrel
  • Lever locking head
  • Fits Presta (skinney) and Schreader (Car) valve inner tubes
  • Rebuildable internals
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Very good value for money

£15 to collect or £17.75 inc P&P

Blackburn Mountain Air Any Valve

Tyre Lever and Glueless Puncture Repair Kit by Park

Park Tyre Levers and Patches

Good tyre levers and quality patches make all the difference when you want to repair a tube and get going fast, we recommend this little kit from Park.

  • 3 strong tyre levers
  • Levers are hooked to attach into spokes
  • Amazing glueless patches
  • Easy to use patches

£6 to collect or £6.90 inc P&P

Park Tyre lever set & glueless patches


Tyre Boot by Park

Tyre Boot by Park

If you tear a your tyre on a sharp rock or slate and your inner tubes comes out of the hole and goes bang, your day on your bike is finished.... or you could by one of these and stick it onto the inside of your tyre to stop the tube coming out and poping again!

  • 3 per pack
  • Self adhesive back
  • Easy to use
  • Great present for your buddies, as you only realy need 1 in your tool kit!

£5 inc P&P

Park Tyre Boot set


Inner tubes

Inner Tube

Not much to say about these really, they're just inner tubes! We all need them, well apart from the tubeless fraternity and they should still carry one just incase of a big tyre rip.

  • All sizes available
  • Good value

£2.50 + 50p P&P

inner Tubes 2.0 - 2.3 tyre size


Professional Grade Spoke Key by Spokey

These are the best spoke keys you can buy. They are a professional grade and grip the spoke nipple on three corners, this vastly reduces the risk of rounding off the spoke nipples.Spoke Key

  • Two sizes available 3.4mm and 3.25mm
  • Lightweight
  • Very strong
  • Good leverage for moving seized spoke nipples
  • Grips on three corners and three flats
  • Very good value for money

£6.50 each or both for £12 inc P&P

Professional Grade Spoke Keys


Universal Emergancy Gear Hanger

Emergency Gear Hanger

If you brake your gear hanger on the trail your only option is to make your bike into a single speed which isn't easy. With this universal emergency gear hanger you remove your broken hanger and fit this one. Due to it's simple design it fits almost every bike which makes it ideal for leaders to carry. This is a tempory get you home repair but is worth every penny.

  • Easy to fit
  • Strong
  • Good value (a gear hanger for your bike could cost more than this)

£18 inc P&P

Universal Emergency Gear Hanger

Brake Cable

Cables Gear and Brake by Shimano

Gear Cable

Only use quality cables, cheap ones are false economey, we sell Shimano stainless steel ones.

  • Very smooth action
  • Never corrode

£2.75 inc P&P - Gear cable

£2.40 inc P&P - Brake cable


Cables by Shimano

Emergency Bolts

Coach Bolt

Pre-ground zinc plated coach bolt for use as a makeshift get you home pedal and small M6 nut and bolt for broked seat post bolt.

Nut & Bolt

  • Good to carry for remote/epic rides when a walk home isn't an option.

£4.00 - Emergency pedal bolt, nut and two washes - Collected

£6.00 - Emergency pedal bolt, nut and two washes - inc Postage

£1.50 - M6 Bolt, Nut and two washes - Collected

£2.50 - M6 Bolt, Nut and two washes - inc Postage

Emergency Bolts

Unior Chain Wear Indicator

Usefull Tools

Chain Wear Indicator Tool by Unior

We have used one of these in the workshop for many years and it's saved our customers a lot of money by keeping a close eye on chain wear. In a nutshell, you can run your chain until it's worn out, but not so worn that that it will damage your cassette and chain rings. This is probably the best money saving bike tool in the world - we really mean it!

  • A worn chain shifts poorly and wears gears quickly. This tool accurately indicates when a chain is worn out and needs replacing.
  • Made from precision, laser cut steel.
  • Measurement: from 0 to 0,6 mm - no chain wear. from 0,7 to 1,2 mm the chain is worn out and it is necessary to replace it.

£10 inc P&P

Chain Wear Indicator Tool